5 foods that people with high cholesterol should avoid – People with high cholesterol levels must keep their food intake in order to stay healthy. Here are some foods that people with high cholesterol should avoid.

5 foods that people with high cholesterol should avoid


islmeat – High cholesterol levels have a bad impact on the body. High cholesterol levels in the blood will only increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks.

Cholesterol itself is a type of fat that the body needs. However, if the levels are too high, cholesterol will build up in the blood vessels and interfere with blood flow.

Cholesterol levels less than 200 mg / dL can still be tolerated. Total cholesterol levels 200-239 mg / dL have entered the high threshold. If the amount reaches 240 mg / dL or more, it is categorized into high cholesterol.

Some foods are known to contain high cholesterol levels and contribute to increased cholesterol levels in the blood. To control cholesterol levels, avoid certain types of food.

Here are some foods that people with high cholesterol should avoid, citing various sources.
1. Foods high in trans fats

It has long been known that the high trans fat content in food can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels. Avoid some foods that are high in trans fats.

Citing WebMD, trans fats are commonly found in packaged snacks such as cookies, biscuits, chips, and several types of margarine. Read nutrition labels for precise information.

Fast foods such as french fries, crispy chicken, and burgers are also high in trans fats.
2. Foods high in salt

Too much sodium can increase blood pressure, especially for people with high cholesterol levels. Avoid some high-salt foods like canned soups, fast food, and so on.
3. Foods high in sugar

Sugar is known to cause a number of health problems ranging from diabetes to cholesterol to heart disease. Limit your sugar intake.

Avoid foods and drinks with a high sugar content such as packaged drinks, candy, ice cream, biscuits, and many more.

4. Foods high in saturated fat

Research notes, foods high in saturated fat can increase LDL cholesterol. Quoting Very Well Health, this type of food is also high in calories which can cause weight gain and trigger the risk of other diseases.

Some foods high in saturated fat include processed meats, dairy products, certain cooking oils, and some meats. A number of packaged snacks are also high in saturated fat.
5. Offal

Offal is a part or organ that is in the animal’s body. Quoting Healthline, although very nutritious, the meat of offal contains high cholesterol levels.

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