Beware of Blood Clots After Recovering from Covid-19 – Not Covid-19, but a blood clot that took Swani’s husband’s life. The woman from Semarang was shocked to find her husband died when he was discharged from the hospital after being declared cured of Covid-19.

Beware of Blood Clots After Recovering from Covid-19


islmeat – Swani’s husband was treated for nearly 20 days in a hospital in Semarang. He was diagnosed positive for Covid-19 on December 9 and immediately underwent treatment at the hospital.

At the hospital, Swani’s husband received Covid-19 treatment including blood thinners. Data from the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association,
so blood thinners must be given.

The WHO Covid-19 management guide also recommends that doctors immediately give blood thinners to Covid-19 patients upon arrival at the hospital.

“My husband was hospitalized on December 9, was given treatment by the hospital, at that time he was also given blood thinners,” Swani said in an interview with CNN TV, Thursday (4/2).

After undergoing treatment, Swani’s husband tested negative for Covid-19 after undergoing two PCR swab tests on December 21.

However, two days after testing negative, her husband had difficulty breathing. After being examined, a D-dimer or blood sample test shows there is still a blood clot. He also received another blood thinning injection.

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On January 1, her husband was allowed to leave the hospital. However, when he was released from the hospital, Swani’s husband was unconscious and was pronounced dead.

“At that time he fainted, two hours later it was declared no. Even though it was a negative condition for Covid-19. The doctor said that there was still the blood thickness, the D-dimer was not normal yet.” said Swani.

Internal medicine expert Professor Zubairi Djoerban explained blood viscosity is one of the conditions that can occur due to Covid-19. This condition can be prevented by giving blood thinners when the patient is first treated and followed by the doctor’s supervision.

If it has been declared cured of Covid-19, Zubairi said blood clots might still occur. Therefore, the doctor or patient must check the blood dilution. In addition, blood viscosity must also be treated properly and usually takes six months of taking the drug.

“If it is still thick, you will still get treatment until six months later. Long-term treatment,” said Zubairi.

If you don’t get treatment, blood clots can lead to blood clotting conditions. If this happens in the brain it can cause a stroke, if it occurs in the heart it is known as a heart attack, or it can also occur in the legs which is called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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